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June 27, 2017
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RST FJ Cruiser twin stick case
RST FJ Cruiser twin stick case Are you tired of the electronic transfer case in your automatic Tacoma going out on you all the time. Ever wonder what it would be like to actually shift the t case for yourself and KNOW it's going in gear for you? Then this is the solution you've been looking for. RockSolidToys was the first to put the FJ Cruiser's, manually shifting Transfer Case into the 2nd gen Tacoma with huge success. Then RST took it one step forward and added twin sticks to it and turned the anemic Transfer case system in the 2nd Gen Tacoma into a reliable solution to your 4WD shifting solutions.

These FJ cases are modified FJ Cruiser Transfer cases that have been inspected for wear and defects and have been rebuilt with new seals front and rear and new oil pumps when needed. They have the increased spring on the hi/lo shift rail to protect against the hi/lo shifter from popping out of gear. These twin stick cases allow you to use your lo gear without having to be in 4wd and also give you the ability to shift from 2wd to 4wd and back again while in lo range.

These units do not come with the twin stick shifter handles. Twin stick shifter handles can be purchased separately from Front Range Offroad for these case's. Also, the Six Speed manual version of this case has a Core Charge of $350.00 in the price of the unit which will be returned to you when we receive your six speed Tacoma t case as a core.
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