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June 27, 2017
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RST Speed Sensor Kit
RST Speed Sensor Kit The RST Speed Sensor Kit was put together because of Wyatt's 2005 Tacoma build. When the rear axle was changed, he lost the ABS system and that system ran the speedometer. He found a fix for it by using a speed sensor from an early model Tacoma and tied it into the gauge cluster which gave him back the speedometer and that fixed a whole host of issues like a check engine light, limp mode running and poor transmission shifting.
This kit will fit most late model Toyota transfer cases that have the port for a speed sensor and the worm gear inside.
Kit comes complete with the speed sensor, gear, pigtail wiring and complete instructions to install it into your late model Toyota 4wd truck.

Before ordering this product, make sure that your transfer case has the worm gear inside. If not, this kit will not work for your application.
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RST Speed Sensor Kit $175.00
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